Stars4SD will develop an educational training material for young entrepreneurs and those interested in running a business. This innovative coaching and training programme will strengthen youth entrepreneurial skills, educate youth regarding SDGs in relation to business, and facilitate them so to meet the sustainability criteria in their businesses. The Train the Trainer seminar and Guide will also educate coaches on how to approach young entrepreneurs so to enforce sustainable goals in their businesses.

The training material will be available in five languages (English, Greek, Italian, German, French), with the aim to be used by multiple learning and training centres with programmes in entrepreneurship and sustainable development.


📄 Youth entrepreneurs’ coaching and training on SDGs

📄 Train the trainer Guide

The participating organisations will create a methodology suggesting a new framework for business administration that introduces an award system, designed according to five SDGs that have been selected as the most relevant to youth entrepreneurship. The Stars4SD methodologies will be developed to be utilized primarily by business organisations, chambers of commerce and business agencies in order to establish the Stars4SD award scheme in their markets. The methodologies can also be used by youth and environmental organisations supporting youth entrepreneurship in order to raise awareness and give incentives to new youth-led business to implement sustainable ways of working.


📄 Stars4SD Methodologies

📄 Sustainability Plan

Stars4SD will establish a network of youth volunteers from all the project and other EU countries combining both entrepreneurship and sustainable development goals’ promotion. The Stars4SD network will attempt to bring together young entrepreneurs, youth entrepreneurship enthusiasts and youth workers in order to exchange ideas and provide peer review. Furthermore, it will attract local businesses, as well as sectoral agencies and business associations.

The innovative element in the Stars4SD EU network is that it will introduce direct voting procedures among the participants. The network and the stars attribution procedure will be hosted in an online platform where participants will be able to carry out a self-led and self-organised virtual competition that will determine the Youth Sustainability Entrepreneurs. The latter will provide incentives to participants since they will be able to showcase this distinction in their businesses and local networks.


👉 The Network

📄 STARS4SD Network User Manual

Stars4SD will develop a Good Practice Guide in order to raise awareness of young entrepreneurs regarding effective, successful, environmentally and socially sustainable, replicable and adaptable ways to incorporate in their schemes. The Guide will also fill in gaps regarding available information for policy-making to promote innovative, sustainability-oriented and holistic approaches to youth entrepreneurship.


📄 Good Practice Guide

📄 Policy Recommendation Report


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