The Stars4SD initiative, a collaborative effort between Austria’s Sudwing, Belgium’s KMOP Policy Center, Cyprus’ CARDET, Greece’s KMOP and Amazing Youth, Ireland’s Future In Perspective, and Italy’s CESIE, has developed a Good Practice Guide.

This guide aims to raise awareness among young entrepreneurs about effective, successful, and sustainable ways to incorporate environmentally and socially responsible practices into their schemes. Featuring 14 cases from partner countries, the guide also addresses key areas where young entrepreneurs need assistance.

Key findings

The issues that young entrepreneurs and companies care most about are the following:

  • Decent work and economic growth
  • Financial Support and Funding
  • Entrepreneurial Education and Training
  • Challenging Sustainable Production
  • Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility
  • Collaborative Ecosystems
  • Networking and Communication
  • Support for promoting the SDGs
  • Access to Sustainable Materials
  • Data and Measurement for Eco-friendliness
  • Zero Waste Strategies

The Stars4SD Policy Recommendation Report

The Report complements the previous effort by offering policy recommendations to formulate an effective strategy for promoting sustainability in youth entrepreneurship. Drawing on evidence from desk and field research, as well as insights from participants in the Stars4SD Awards, the report provides a comprehensive summary of key lessons learned from the project outputs and includes policy recommendations, divided into three segments: recommendations for Policy-Makers at Local, Regional, and National Levels; recommendations for Policy-Makers at the European Level; and recommendations for multiple levels of governance.

Find out more about the findings of our Best Practice Guide and Policy Recommendation Report HERE